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    SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Replacement Coil


    Get the best original replacement coils for the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank, TFV12 Baby Prince, TFV8 Big Baby, and TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition.

    These replacement SMOK brand coils for the TFV8 Baby tanks are arguably the best coils for maximum performance and vapor production. They are engineered to be durable, long lasting and are assembled with 100% organic Japanese unbleached cotton for the best-tasting flavor experience.

    All coil types and models available for the Baby Beast Tank perform excellent and produce tons of vapor clouds and great flavor. Choose between a variety of Baby Beast coils such as the highly popular SMOK M2 Coil. Each coil type offers a unique vaping experience while also designed to operate at different wattages. Whether you are looking for coils capable of a light, crisp, silky vape, or deep rich delivery of impactful flavor, these SMOK TFV8 replacement coils will undoubtedly deliver just that.




    TFV8 Baby replacement are available in the following options:


    V8 Baby - T8 Core

    0.15Ω Octupole Coils
    50-100W/Best 60-80W
    Deep and Rich Cloud Taste


    V8 Baby - T6 Core

    0.2Ω Sixtuple Coils
    40-130W/Best 70-90W
    Cool and Smooth Taste


    V8 Baby Coil - X4 Core

    0.15Ω Quadruple coils
    30-70W/Best 40-60W
    Smooth and Silky Taste


    V8 Baby - Q2 Core

    0.4Ω Dual Coils
    40-80W/Best at 55-65W
    Deep and Rich Cloud Taste


          V8 Baby-Q2

    0.6Ω Dual Coils
    20-50W / Suggested: 30-40W


           V8 Baby-M2

    0.25 or .15Ω Dual Coils
    25-45W / Suggested: 35W

           V8 Baby- Mesh Coil

    40-80W / Suggested: 60-70W
    Ultra fast heating process


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    SMOK STICK V8 BABY M2 REPLACEMENT COIL 5 PACK Coil Specifications: SMOK Baby M2 Coil Family V8 Baby M2 0.25 ohm Coil Head Dual Coil 3.7V Direct Output V8 Baby M2 0.15 ohm Coil Head Dual Coil 3.7V Direct Output